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Florene Holiday - Apron

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Florene Holiday Apron is made of 100% commercial quality cotton with a Teflon coating for added protection. Whether it is put to use in a restaurant or at home, this apron will always help to keep you clean. Adjustable 1" wide neck strap on both full and medium lengths. Adjustable waist ties on all sizes.

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click on Your Special Day to enlarge! item: 18700

Your Special Day Apron $22.99    

click on Xmas Penguins to enlarge! item: 7912

Xmas Penguins Apron $22.99  

click on Why Not A Pink Tree to enlarge! item: 7910

Why Not A Pink Tree Apron $22.99    

click on Victorian Halloween Image With Cat n Child Dressed As A Witch to enlarge! item: 59817

Victorian Halloween Image With Cat n Child Dressed As A Witch Apron $22.99  

click on Top Hat to enlarge! item: 7521

Top Hat Apron $22.99    

click on Toothy Pumpkin to enlarge! item: 7906

Toothy Pumpkin Apron $22.99  

click on Tiny Red and Pink Hearts to enlarge! item: 38951

Tiny Red and Pink Hearts Apron $22.99    

click on Three White Ornaments to enlarge! item: 7911

Three White Ornaments Apron $22.99  

click on Thanksgiving Pumpkin to enlarge! item: 32049

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Apron $22.99    

click on Store Full Scary Halloweeen to enlarge! item: 60583

Store Full Scary Halloweeen Apron $22.99  

click on St Louis Missouri 4th Of july to enlarge! item: 57663

St Louis Missouri 4th Of july Apron $22.99    

click on Someone s Having A Birthday to enlarge! item: 13973

Someone s Having A Birthday Apron $22.99  

click on Softly Glowing to enlarge! item: 7894

Softly Glowing Apron $22.99    

click on Silver Ornaments to enlarge! item: 7893

Silver Ornaments Apron $22.99  

click on Silver Balls to enlarge! item: 7862

Silver Balls Apron $22.99    

click on Set For Thanksgiving to enlarge! item: 24607

Set For Thanksgiving Apron $22.99  

click on Red Purple White Hearts to enlarge! item: 35364

Red Purple White Hearts Apron $22.99    

click on Proudly It Flies to enlarge! item: 12782

Proudly It Flies Apron $22.99  

click on Party Shoes to enlarge! item: 33181

Party Shoes Apron $22.99    

click on Our Flag to enlarge! item: 13980

Our Flag Apron $22.99  

click on Old Courthouse to enlarge! item: 20991

Old Courthouse Apron $22.99    

click on Ode To Thanksgiving to enlarge! item: 24594

Ode To Thanksgiving Apron $22.99  

click on My Heart Flips 4u to enlarge! item: 11032

My Heart Flips 4u Apron $22.99    

click on Mother Of Mine to enlarge! item: 17892

Mother Of Mine Apron $22.99  

click on Mod Mom to enlarge! item: 17894

Mod Mom Apron $22.99    

click on Miracle Lights to enlarge! item: 7860

Miracle Lights Apron $22.99  

click on Love Works to enlarge! item: 11029

Love Works Apron $22.99    

click on Love Is Sweet to enlarge! item: 17890

Love Is Sweet Apron $22.99  

click on Little Ghosts to enlarge! item: 27089

Little Ghosts Apron $22.99    

click on kaboom  to enlarge! item: 22616

kaboom Apron $22.99  

click on Im loveable to enlarge! item: 12767

Im loveable Apron $22.99    

click on Ho Ho Xmas to enlarge! item: 7935

Ho Ho Xmas Apron $22.99  

click on Hats Off For USA to enlarge! item: 19046

Hats Off For USA Apron $22.99    

click on Harvest Pumpkin to enlarge! item: 24572

Harvest Pumpkin Apron $22.99  

click on Happy Mothers Day to enlarge! item: 17162

Happy Mothers Day Apron $22.99    

click on Happy Birthday America to enlarge! item: 19983

Happy Birthday America Apron $22.99  

click on Happy Birthday to enlarge! item: 18646

Happy Birthday Apron $22.99    

click on Halloween Moon to enlarge! item: 24568

Halloween Moon Apron $22.99  

click on Gold Silver Red Real Mardi Gras Coins to enlarge! item: 35371

Gold Silver Red Real Mardi Gras Coins Apron $22.99    

click on Formal Thanksgiving to enlarge! item: 24557

Formal Thanksgiving Apron $22.99  

click on For Mom to enlarge! item: 17862

For Mom Apron $22.99    

click on Fireworks to enlarge! item: 12754

Fireworks Apron $22.99  

click on Fathers Day to enlarge! item: 19978

Fathers Day Apron $22.99    

click on Confetti Wedding to enlarge! item: 13931

Confetti Wedding Apron $22.99  

click on Color Me Xmas to enlarge! item: 7861

Color Me Xmas Apron $22.99    

click on Bow Happy to enlarge! item: 31967

Bow Happy Apron $22.99  

click on Autumn Arrival to enlarge! item: 24525

Autumn Arrival Apron $22.99    

click on Autumn to enlarge! item: 24527

Autumn Apron $22.99  

click on Anniversary to enlarge! item: 34628

Anniversary Apron $22.99    

click on All I Have Is Love to enlarge! item: 17891

All I Have Is Love Apron $22.99  

click on All American to enlarge! item: 12743

All American Apron $22.99    

click on A Childs Dream to enlarge! item: 7913

A Childs Dream Apron $22.99  

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